Track Guys Sebring May 2014

I worked another Sebring Track Guys event as an instructor with over 100 cars. Brock Ivers and I teched most of the cars and actually found a couple of loose wheel bearings and ball joints on street cars.

I had two great students, one each in group 1 and the other in group 2. Virginia was my group 2 student and she could easily have run solo in group 3 but she wanted an instructor. She progressed well through the event and had a great 2001 Mustang Cobra.

My second group one student was brand new but listened well and was a quick study. We were driving his Ford Fiesta and by the second day he was getting point by’s from Shelby GT500s and Corvettes. What he figured out that most don’t is that it is the driver not the car or its horsepower that make speed on a track.

Everyone wanted a ride at speed from the black Porsche with the red wheels. I must have taken a dozen folks on rides and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The car was happy as well even though the stock brakes went away as they got hot. As some as they cooled down we were out again.

I am getting to really enjoy this instructor thing as it is a blast to see people figure it out and learn how to go fast and be safe.

My next up event is the July Sebring SCCA event. I will be a corner worker, instruct in their PDX event, and hopefully drive in the TES Enduro race with Mick Robinson as the co-driver.

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