The Driver

It is dangerous, breathtakingly expensive, and really hard to do well. I guess that I am just lucky. I’ve hit the walls multiple times at some of the finest race tracks in the country. I’ve only been to the hospital once and it was just a minor concussion with some bruises. That weekend cost a bit over $24,000 to fix, but who is counting?

Why do I do it? I do it for the sheer joy of it. Ernest Hemmingway said that there were only three sports in the world; mountain climbing, bull fighting, and auto racing. He said everything else is just a game. Some of the bright spots so far have included bump drafting on the high banks at Daytona, doing an almost perfect turn 17 at Sebring (the hardest turn in road racing in the world), being able to run faster that racers who used to eat my lunch two years ago, and anticipating a pile up at the start and being in the right position when it happened. In February of 2010 on the cool down lap at a Sebring SARRC I drove down to turn 7 (the hairpin) during a perfect sunset.

I have met some wonderful people and had a number of great adventures. Actually, every racing weekend has been a great adventure; some just had a bit more terror than others.

I am now 65 and I know that this is not a 20 year endeavor so the limited time makes it more special. This site is where I log the continuing adventures and I plan to save it to torture the other old people when I am strolling through the old age home in my walker. I’m thinking that a battery powered LCD player could be attached to my walker to show racing videos.