March/May 2013

I got qualified in February at Roebling Road as a Nationally Registered Porsche Club of America Driving Instructor #201302030. I’ve been working on my business, replenishing racing funds for the Formula Enterprises (FE) car that I run with Robinson Motor Sports.

A small fitting cracked in my Porsche Turbo and they have to remove the engine to fix it. Long story, but they are changing everything possible that requires an engine pull so I don’t have to do it again for a while, $10 fitting, $2,000 plus job. Dan Cleary at the Werkshop said that I was very lucky as it might have grenaded the engine if it had happened when I was running at Roebling Road.

In the meantime I am running in the PCA Annual Tax Day Rally that starts at Eau Gallie Yacht Club and ends up at the Porsche dealer (a dangerous place to go). On May 25th and 26th I am doing another instructor job at Sebring with Track Guys. If you want to learn how to drive your car on a racetrack these guys are the best I have seen as making it safe and really fun for a true beginner. You can learn more at .