January/February 2013

2013 is off to an expensive start. I got to run in the first US Majors tour at Sebring put on by the SCCA and hosted by BF Goodrich. The Thursday test day started with me putting the car sideways into the wall at turn 16. It took the rest of the day to repair the damage. I had another minor, but embarrassing, wall encounter during Friday qualifying. Between these repairs and the ones from Palm Beach I have essentially bought the car twice in 90 days. It is a wonderful and safe car and I am now feeling comfortable in it. We ended up making major adjustments to my seating position that made all the difference. I wasn’t smart enough in the beginning to recognize what wasn’t right.

With all of that behind me at Sebring I had a good Saturday qualifying session and ran well in both the Saturday and Sunday races. It was a blast running with the big dogs and past National Champions and I didn’t even come in last. Check out my qualifying lap on the video page of the site. I was actually driving cautiously to avoid any more damage and I can easily see how to cut 5 more seconds on lap time.

I would need another 3 to 5 beyond that to be up front but that is the magic of the activity. We all get better with more seat time and the slow guys improve at a faster rate percentage wise than the good guys so the field always closes up.

Our race group was mixed in with Formula Atlantics, C Sports Racers, and several other classes so you had to watch your mirrors closely as they would blow buy you fighting with each other.

In February I am getting certified as a driving instructor with the PCA, Porsche Club of America, up at Roebling Road in Savanna. I am planning to spend some more time during 2013 doing club events with them.

This is going to be a fun and interesting year and what is next largely depends on replenishing the money supply. I am confident that the crash repair activity has been completed.